Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dark Dark Dark Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

Put down your boxed mixes.  Stat.  Because making brownies from scratch is so unbelievably easy.

It's another Pinterest fun find.  And from Pinterest, I linked to this blog where you can find the recipe yourself.  Yum.

Especially if you are not into things that are overly sweet.  I find milk chocolate brownies to just be too sickening sometimes, but these brownies are black and deep and delicious.  I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa powder and Hershey's special dark chocolate chips.

Also, I made it in a pie pan because I wanted to. It's a pain to do that, as you have to watch the cooking time closely and estimate it.  But I wanted to turn it out and cut it like a brownie cake, which is why I did that. 

And before you start wondering, I really am doing well at losing weight again.  It's easier to make treats in a house with so many people, because I take one piece and everyone eats the rest for me.

a wedge of the whole

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  1. holy shiiiii%^$* WANT! these look incredible! totally pinned!