Sunday, July 14, 2013

Live Free or Die

I have a change of plans to relate to y'all.  Yes folks, I just deliberately typed "y'all."  Which is rather fitting considering that I might yet end up a total country bumpkin.

It was  no secret that I wanted to move.  I've been talking about that forever, and last you all knew I had planned to end up some where in the greater Boston area.  Well, that won't be happening.  It's because of money.  I had to buy the car.  The stepfather situation has changed the outlook of my financial situation.  There is absolutely no way that I can afford any rents in that area.  So, I needed to embrace my other plan that is been in the back of my head for a very long time.

It's New Hampshire.  I have always loved that state.  Live free or die baby.  Live free or die. The  libertarian part of me cries out in excitement.

The lakes region is pretty cheap.  Like really cheap.  Like 650 to 700 a month including heat and hot water cheap.  With that kind of affordable housing, I can really plan a halfway decent future while still keeping this job that I love.  Especially when you factor in zero state income tax and no sales tax.  Hellz yeah.   Many of the towns are small and economically depressed though.  So, in short, not a whole heck of a lot different than my own town as pointed out by Josh.  I asked him what he thought of one particular place and he said, "Picture your hometown with an additional 15 years of recession under its belt."   I laughed out loud.  So, I get it: run down mill towns with aging Victorians and peeling paint.  Message received.  But I would be free.  And frankly, the above description is exactly what I know and love already right here, but minus the ghosts of my past and within a closer proximity to the ocean, the mountains, swimming, etc. 

Tilton NH

I want to be the sort of person that makes strawberry jam and cans it.  Yeah, I said it.  I might even want a gingham tablecloth or something.  I want to have a fridge full of organic food and spend my evenings crocheting in the country and my weekends swimming or ice skating on a lake.  I want to plop all my paints down on the ground and take in the landscape.  I want to live in the land of maple sugaring. Now that I've learned to make bread, I want to never buy store bought again. That's what I want.  I think I finally know what peace looks like. 

But we all know that I take me with me wherever I go.  So, it won't be a magical solution but it may be an opportunity to put something together that is truly mine.  To make a choice, rather than have a choice made for me.

As usual the hardest part is patience.  I want to go yesterday.  And for once, I can afford to do this now instead of later. But I won't leave here until the remaining occupants find a way to pay the rent without me, or until we reach the end of our lease this next July 1st.  Whichever comes first.  I thought of every way I possibly could to live on my own in CT or Mass and I realize that being a slave to the rent being due would kill me eventually.  That kind of stress takes its toll.  I shouldn't have to pay a thousand a month plus utilities for some closet sized one bedroom.  That shit just isn't cool.  So, bring on the country.