Thursday, September 19, 2013

Small Town Inconveniences...

So.  I thought I was from a small town.  I really did.

I mean, my hometown here in rural Connecticut has less than 10,000 people.  It took me forty five minutes today to drive to Whole Foods.   We have one major grocery store, and my high school graduating class had fewer than 100 kids.

But then I tried to move to rural New Hampshire, and I learned the difference.  There is a difference.

First I had to call Ant Bea at the Mayberry, I mean, Wolfeboro town hall to order my electric service.  What?  This town has it's own electric company?  I am picturing guinea pigs running on wheels to generate power on a quaint Victorian porch.   They need a deposit from me because I am a new customer and they aren't set up to take credit or debit cards, so I had to pop an old fashioned check in the mail today.  What?

The day before that I found out I have no mail delivery service to my house.  What? 

I live in the downtown of the largest village in the area and it's actually pretty bustling.  They don't have postal workers doing walking routes?  So, immediately when I get up there I have to sign up for a post office box.

I thought I'd save money on trash removal by purchasing a town dump sticker until I found out that's only good from April to the end of October, because they close for the winter.

Then I found out that my car insurance company, esurance, does not provide service to New Hampshire.  First, I was pissed at the inconvenience but I actually saved a ton of money per month by switching to Allstate.  So, blessing in disguise there.

First thing when I get there, I better go buy a gingham dress and sit on my porch with some lemonade.

But good news.  Good, good news.  I will have high speed internet and HBO by the afternoon of day two.  Cable services are no joke my friends.  No joke.


  1. hahahaha Aunt Bea! LOL! so funny!! NO mail service?! say what?! that is hysterical!!! Love this post, made me giggle ;)

    1. I know, right? I didn't know that some places do not have mail unless you live in a complex or at a camp, or any other number of weird circumstances.

  2. This cracks me up. But both towns I have lived in since moving back had their own electrical services. You will really like it. You will actually find that the restoration of power occurs more quickly. When everyone knows everyone they are more apt to fix things. You aren't just customer 10,235.

    1. You are so right! It will be weird to be in such a small place but since it's a fairly artsy, cultural tiny town I think it will still be really nice for me. I was so not used to the way they seem to do things up there, coming from CT. In CT, everyone has the same state-wide electric company, which is a division of a larger Northeast company. I had no idea that such a tiny town would have their own utility service.