Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Pinterest Picks

I thought I'd share with you the top five pins I am digging on this week...

I adore everything about the above, from the color scheme to the wallpaper, to those cupboards which look pretty familiar to me: I am thinking those are IKEA nightstands that I have admired for a long time.  What a cute idea to use nightstands for extra storage in the bathroom.  You know I love black, but I feel like this silvery grey reads stylistically like a black room but without the risk of creating a cave.  I also approve of the fact that the wallpaper is on one feature wall, rather than the entire room.  The pedestal sink is just such a throwback, in a very modern space, but the vanity mirror feels almost mod to me.  The only piece I don't approve of is the orchid, only because I'd probably kill it knowing my lack of botanical ability.  Thumbs up.

Wow.  This cozy corner has really achieved a look which I wanted to achieve in my home.  My favorite color scheme (red, white and black as you all know) has a tendency to shock and be too bold.  I love it, but it's hard to create a casual, country feel using these colors.  They are stark, dramatic and ultra modern.  But this designer really achieved a cozy feel.  The wallpaper that they are calling buffalo plaid, is really reminiscent of gingham to me, which is a texture that I am a fan of.  And the chair, with its wider stripes is modern, but the shape of it is ultimately extremely traditional.  Look at the hobnail detail!  Those feet!  And the painting evokes such a feeling of federal Americana.  Not to mention the bowling pin display.  Love, love, love.  This room gets a ten in my book.

Another wow factor living room.  As I age (gracefully I hope) my tastes are swinging back in a more traditional direction, but always with a bold twist.  Always.  First of all, I would have selected this pin for the plus size female figure art above the fireplace alone.  I love it!  What a ballsy choice.  I always enjoy Apartment Therapy home tours, but this one in particular was a fave.  I love how she left the fireplace brick red.  You rarely see that these days, but the charcoal walls, stark white trim, and neutral furniture really make that red fireplace pop.  This is a perfect example of how to paint a room in a dark color but still have a light, airy, and comfortable feel.  I am a huge fan of stark white contrasted with a bold color.  The throw pillows are perfect: the geometric black/white pattern is super contemporary but the other pillows read as very vintage with their ivory/orange color scheme that ties in with the red in the fireplace.  But to soften it up, she has added these organic, natural touches: the evergreen topiaries on the mantel and the green balls and hydrangea bundles on the coffee table.  This lady has taste.  I think we could be friends.  (Also, check out that antique looking portrait in the corner.  Nice touch.)   She really skirts the line here between traditional and contemporary and that's why it appeals to me. 

My best friend Karen is getting married in September 2014.  And this color scheme, is probably what we are doing for a theme.  Turquoise and cherry red is, to me, a very retro chic combo.  It evokes a vintage feeling, but it's modern and fresh and frankly, unique.  I'm starting to see it become more prevalent, so it may be on the verge of becoming an official trend.  Also, for the record, this is pretty much the exact shade that I had painted my bedroom I shared with my ex-husband.  He needed a dark color on the walls because he worked the midnight shift and slept days.  I really approve of darker colors on a bedroom wall, because I find it easier to sleep in them.  I know that goes against a popular belief that you should NOT use bold color in a bedroom, because it inhibits rest.  But you will never see me creating any sort of a spa-like, dull, neutral, hotel room wannabe.  I think that even the bedroom should have personality, and this example has personality to spare.  But I'm just going to say it: I don't understand the chandelier choice.  It's a tarnished brass, it's almost art deco maybe?  I don't get it.  Maybe it's me that's not understanding the beauty of this choice.  While I agree that you shouldn't be matchy matchy necessarily, I feel like the vintage vibe of that lighting is just in complete opposition to the geometric, minimalist, contemporary soul of this room.  It's mixing genres in a way that I'm not comfortable with. 

Obviously the "in" thing to do these days, is to make over furniture.  I wanna do it, you wanna do it, we all wanna do it.  I've watched every episode of Flea Market Flip they made.  And this is another winner.  While lime green (maybe even chartreuse?) is not my color of choice, it really works in this space.  I love the idea of taking something that evokes a farmhouse, country vibe and making it modern and new again.  And the robin's egg blue walls look wonderful with the lime green, especially the mix of color accessories within the cabinet.  And it looks like they lined the inside with a patterned wallpaper or tack paper and I love that too.  The mismatched pitchers on the top are a nice touch.  The slightly distressed finish is a win.  This makes me want to run out immediately and find a piece like this to refurbish. 


  1. I WANT that bathroom scheme! and that bedroom is AWESOME. It is both feminine and masculine, best of both, really! Will you come over and do that for me? No, seriously.

    1. You don't have to ask me twice to help you shop for home decor!!!!!! I will help you plan whatever you'd like.