Friday, January 10, 2014

Fresh Bedroom Inspiration: Pinterest Picks

I haven't disappeared!  Just lost in a post-holiday funk.  Taking down the holiday decorations is always anti-climatic for me.  And the house ends up looking so bare afterward.  Not to worry, I got right to work on making some Valentine's Day decorations.  On the one hand, my entire house is red or pink next to black and white so it's almost like I have a V-Day themed apartment year round.  But no matter, I will share a few of the little touches with you next week.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about bedroom design and how I'm so bored of seeing the same color schemes and ideas over again.  Here's a few ideas from Pinterest that stood out to me as being a bit more interesting and fresh right now.  None of these are in my comfort zone, none of them represent my go-to color schemes.  All of them are visually interesting.  I am seeing a real trend with bohemian inspired fabrics, or in the case of the metal bed (third picture) a modern take on soft, vintage, romantic farmhouse style.  Loving the coral/aqua and coral/navy inspiration as well.  I would never think to use coral normally.  Enjoy!

Rate My Space, HGTV
Nordstrom bedding set

Pottery Barn Kids
Asian Inspired Purple Bedroom
Colorful Bohemian Bedroom
Pinterest Bohemian Inspired Bedroom


  1. ohhh I love the middle two - the yellow-y one and the purple one, those are so pretty! all of these are so rustic chic, right up your alley.

    1. glad you like! I think the first and third are rustic, the others are pretty bold and modern I think. None of these are my usual style but I like them!