Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor

My apartment is naturally decorated for Valentine's Day, between the red and pink color schemes.  However, I couldn't help myself.  I had to add a few additional touches, here and there.

I have a love/hate relationship with this day.  For a huge portion of my life I was one half of a couple.  But even then, I always felt conflicted because Valentine's Day never quite lives up to the hype.  And now that I'm single, and have been for some time, I have decided to re-frame how I look at this day.

For the past couple years I've been trying to embrace it creatively as an alternative.  That includes baking delicious cupcakes, buying myself flowers at times, and of course adding home decor touches.  Here are a few snapshots of my holiday touches.

letters are from Michael's Crafts, I painted two red

Red Heart Felt Mat from Michael's Crafts

Jar Candles from Michael's, Signs made by painting Canvas board with acrylic paint, and then cutting out letters and shapes from damask patterned craft paper, then modge podging each onto the boards.

I had my snowflakes up at Christmas, so adding a few paper doily hearts from Michael's to the display seemed like it fit.  I also hung a wooden heart ornament from Michael's that I had painted red/pink with felt tip markers from the knob and my array of french country inspired mugs that are always displayed are very appropriate for V-Day!

Another view, another wooden ornament hung, plus a Fleur de Lis ornament I picked up on Clearance at Pier One after Christmas in 2010 or 2011.
This Michael's Crafts chainlink heart garland was a natural addition to my already pink bedroom.  I might leave it up permanently!

Another View.  Can you see how the hot pink curtains make the whole room glow pink during the day?


  1. I absolutely ADORE your space and your Valentine's Day decor. it is so homey and inviting :)

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like. Homey and inviting is exactly what I intended. Success!