Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall / Winter Accent Pillows

And because the sewing machine was already out, and I seem bitten by the fall / winter bug super early this year, I stitched these up...

One set for Autumn, and one set for Winter.  Both fabrics came from Jo-Ann.  The autumn one was entitled "Leaves and Postcards" and the snowflake one didn't seem to have a name.  Both are soft, lightweight, pillow case materials as opposed to the standard home décor fabric I normally use for throw pillows.  But since these are small accent décor pieces (14 x 14), I thought I would make them more comfy as Micah complains that some of my heavier weight jacquard or burlap or twill pillows are "scratchy." 

Have to please the kiddos sometimes.  These will be appropriately sized for Micah's little 4T head as he lounges on the couch watching his "shows".

this gives you a little view of the back (envelope style, easy to remove and wash)


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  1. no scratchy pillows allowed! I love it. I am with Micah on that one :)