Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Pioneer Woman's Line at Walmart: I can't even...

Because my Mom is the best kind of enabler, she alerted me to the fact that Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) launched a new cookware/dinnerware/serveware line at Walmart.com today which is 110% my taste.  And then, with an alarming amount of cruelty, she and Jennifer informed me that I am not allowed to buy ANY of it. 

I proposed that we put a second hutch into the dining room but for some reason, that idea did not fly.  I am willing to give away every plate I own to stock up on this.  Donations are accepted.  I will take cash or checks.

The Walmart website is running slow.  Pretty much every piece of the entire collection is out of stock already, and Ree just posted this announcement on her blog this morning.  It's sort of comforting to know that there is an entire nation of Food Network watching women who share my taste!  So, family, rest assured that I cannot buy it yet even if I wanted to, because it's all sold out.

In all seriousness, I love it and I have to share it with you.  I thought this situation called for an emergency lunch break blogging session.  The color scheme is...wait for it... red/teal/aqua/white.   Yes. Yes, there are purple things too but who cares about those.   She even puts butterfly knobs on the Dutch ovens.  Butterfly knobs people!  Again, if you are in the market for a decent dutch oven this one seems like a steal: 7 Qt for only $79.97. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces and a link to where you can buy them on Walmart.com.  The store is launching this line on September 14th, but until then you can buy on the website, per Ree's blog.  http://thepioneerwoman.com/products/its-here/

All of the pieces are divided into three collections:  Flea Market Chic, Adeline, and Cowgirl Lace.  They are all mix and match and of similar color schemes.   Here are my favorites but by all means, look at all of it:

These 12 PC decorated dinnerware sets are only $49.97 each...
Vintage Bloom 12 Pc Decorative Dinnerware Set
Country Garden 12 Pc Decorated Dinnerware Set

Cowgirl Lace Pearlized Serveware (also comes in aqua and white!)

Cowgirl Lace 12 Pc Dinnerware Set in Teal (also comes in Linen and Red and Purple!)
Flea Market Floral Teal Bowl Set

Flea market Red Dot Teal Bowl Set
Adeline Teal Sundae Cup Set, Vintage Look Glass

Flea Market Ruffle top Ceramic Bakeware Set
Jadeite 10" Cake Stand
Flea Market 2 Qt Decorated Pitcher

Flea Market Decorated Floral Butter Dish

Flea Market Red Polkadot Batter Bowl 
Red Stainless Steel Dutch Oven with Butterfly Knob
or Turquoise!
Teal Mason Jars with Red Lids
Adeline Teal Drinking Goblets
Adeline Teal 1.59 Liter Glass Pitcher
And last, but definitely not least, I would be remiss if I didn't share all her glorious coffee mugs with you.  Pretty much all of them are perfect for me.  So, yeah.  If you ever need to get me a present, now you know.  You know.   Please tell me what you think.  I love it, but it may be too bold for some of you.

Country Garden Coffee Cups
Flea Market Vintage Bloom Coffee Cups
Flea Market Floral Turquoise Coffee Cups
Flea Market Happiness Red and Turqoise Coffee Cups
Cowgirl Lace Mug Set in Red


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    1. Thanks Betsi! Somehow I missed this comment way earlier.

  2. OMG! was this line MADE for you or what?! You must have been dying! I LOVE all of these, they SCREAM you in every way. there's your christmas list hehe

    1. Thanks Jolene! I think I am going to go with the red over the white. I think I will be bored with the white. I am just reading this comment now. For some reason I missed this!