Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Marisa's Pink/Red, London/Paris Bedroom Retreat Design Board

Ah, another year's Church Christmas Cookie Walk and Gift/Craft Fair has come and gone.  I did very well.  I sold many of my facial cloths, polish star ornaments, mugs, etc.

But the ending of another year has me itching for some change.  I have been trying to declutter and organize our home, i.e. my life, but it hasn't been going so well.   It's organized chaos around here, with three households combined into one: that means three households of stuff, six people, a dog, a cat, and even a fish all in one place.  

But my bedroom especially is in need of some help.  When I returned home last year I didn't ever fully organize and set up my bedroom because I wasn't sure at the time when I'd be moving again.  But when you work from home and your bedroom is your creative space, it gets really stifling to live somewhere that is so clearly "in transition" when you are trying to be efficient, productive, and innovative.  It is mentally draining to look around at the mess.

So, to boost my morale, I made a new inspiration board for myself.  I'm not sure if I will be revamping the bedroom this winter over my work holiday break, or if I will wait until I move into an apartment again in the late spring, but either way, this incorporates mostly things I already own with some small changes.

I could also label this, "I am a Basic White Girl and this is where I sleep."   I could have also called it, "I will never have a man in my room again."

But officially, this board is entitled, "Marisa's Pink and Red London/Paris Bedroom."   I have had a red, white and black bedroom.  And I have had a pink, white and black bedroom.   But never before had it occurred to me to combine that bright cherry red and hot pink, but I am really digging the effect.  And I will never have to decorate for Valentine's Day specifically again.

Everything here I already own, or is from Ikea, Target, Partylite Candles,, or Michael's Crafts


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