Monday, November 16, 2015

Jean's Woodland Spa Bedroom

I have been in a major interior design mood lately.  I have been watching and re-watching Genevieve Gorder's show "Dear Genevieve" on Netflix (hello, I miss HGTV since we canceled cable) and seriously admiring her eye for design.  One of my favorite lines she ever said: "Mama don't do papasan.  Never have, never will."  Amen.  I am not a fan either, unless it's for a porch.

Any hoo, I digress.  I had another restless night last night even though I was dead tired.  So, I took some time out to do a powerpoint slide design board (mood board, vision board, whatever you want to call it) of a bedroom idea for my mother.  She is a notoriously hard "customer."  She has excellent taste, but she's not at all into trends (you won't ever find her buying anything chevron) and she has a very specific vision for what she likes and doesn't like.  Unfortunately for her excellent taste, it often runs in opposition with whatever the color / it thing / pattern of the moment is, therefore making it difficult for her to even FIND things that she likes at the retail level.  I swear, she could look at fabric swatches for hours and hours and only find one or two she truly loved, if that.

So, with that in mind, and knowing her love for blue, I thought about what feeling I would want to evoke in a bedroom for my mother.  She has had a tumultuous couple of years in her personal life, and I kept thinking that for her, the bedroom should be a peaceful, uncluttered retreat.  Unclutter the life, unclutter the mind: I really believe that.

So here it is.  I entitled it "Jean's Woodland Spa Bedroom."

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