Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Home: A Work in Progress

So, remember a while ago when I actually said that I had a good day?  No?  haha.

Well, it was the day where I rearranged my mother's living room, or rather, I barked my opinions at them and they tolerated it, until we came up with an arrangement that suited everyone.

Now, I've shared pictures on here before of my decorating taste, so everyone knows that I like things modern.  And red.  And black.  And sometimes with an overabundance of black/white damask pattern.

Our house was built in 1910 I believe.  I hesitate to call it Craftsman, because there are also Victorian elements.  It's somewhere in the middle of the two.  Here is a refresher on the outside.  I'm not a fan of stucco, mostly because it's difficult to clean.  The grey exterior is pretty dirty and dingy, but I am pretty sure if you took a power washer to it, it would come down in chunks.  I have a feeling that repainting is the only option, and who wants to do that?  It is officially the parsonage for my stepfather's church, but we are renting it since it was vacant.

So, working on combining three households worth of furniture with three distinct styles has been no easy task.  My mother is very traditional.  My sister is in the middle of us both.  And I am very contemporary.  Well, I think that the living room is as pulled together as we are going to get now.  The only thing I hate is my white Ikea coffee table.  It is just all wrong for the space, but it's what we have for now.  I am on the lookout for something cheap, and either craftsman or mission style in that same medium oak tone as all the other woodwork.  I have to say that despite the fact that this does not represent my style at all, I am pleased with how it looks.  It's an excellent compromise, and fairly cohesive considering the mish mash of belongings.  And I won't lie: I'm excited to decorate for Christmas in such a traditional space.   Of course, the bright cherry red couch and chair are: mine.  Jen contributed the round chair, and the traditional slip-covered sofa is of course my mother's.

I love the french doors leading to the sun room.

This is the chair I work from most days.

I love the detail in the brick.  As well as the book built-ins.

The TV is too modern, and doesn't go at all, but it was what we had for now. Oh, and that rattan square basket?  That's Micah's toy box because I am mean, and encouraged us all to pick up something that wasn't child like.  Oh, but don't worry, there is usually a primary colored, bright pack and play in front of the fireplace so mean Auntie Marisa loses.  :)

I painted those gold prints myself using actual plant life from the yard.  Oh, and it was one of the first ideas I pinned from Pinterest before we even moved into this house.

Oh sad, stark Ikea table, you do not match.

This is Jen's white marble and black wood table, and I love it. I also love the picture rail in the dining room as opposed to a chair rail.  I think that's a nice architectural detail. 

And isn't the high chair tres chic?  LOL.  But I love her candle thing. We wrapped the base of it in a vine with autumn colored beads that we picked up in Michaels to add a seasonal touch.

Mom's second-hand hutch decorated with cook books, and Jen's purple margarita glasses.

This is just the coolest.  My stepfather picked this up at one of the church sales.  It was tarnished brass, so I asked him to spray paint it satin black for me.  And I think it rocks!  

The sun room painted gold and in the process of being put back together.  This is through the french doors in the living room. 

happy yellow


  1. I loved looking at the pictures! I want a sun room now. That yellow makes me happy. Holy cow, that space came together very well. I can't believe that with three different tastes, you were able to pull it together so well. I mean, I can believe you can. I just have it in my head that differing styles can't mix. But you have proved me wrong. I think I needed that for some unknown reason. I also really love the pictures you painted. What a cool idea.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it has proved ME wrong too. I think we've done a decent job combining everyone's styles. And the sun room is great. The funny thing is, my mom does not really like yellow, but even she said that we needed to find a happy, golden yellow for that space. I was excited she let me paint such a bright color. The christmas tree is going in there this year, and her tree is a royal blue theme. It will be gorgeous! And I will, of course, post pictures.

  2. You need to decorate for me!! you have such an awesome eye for it and I LOVE the pictures you painted. So awesome!! I think you should look into this as a side gig. Would be awesome for you :)

    1. I wish I could decorate for you! And I wish I could do it on the side too, that would be sweet. Maybe someday. :)