Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve: 2013 Vision Board

Well, it's New Years Eve.  Officially.  Goodbye 2012.

But I won't say good riddance (for once.)  Honestly?  I thought I had an "ok" year.  I mean, compared to 2009 through 2011, it was a picnic.  There were downs, but there were plenty of ups too.  And I'm so grateful for that.  I declare that 2012 was a year of normalcy.  I felt like a human being again, not a divorced wretch.  It was the year of sex.  Oops.  It was a year of relationship attempts.  It was a year of less writing and more crafting.  It was a year of weight ups and downs.  It was the year I lost my gallbladder (thank the lord.)  It was the year I finally felt like the eating disorder wasn't controlling my life.  It was a year of funky hair choices.  It was a damn good year at work.  It was a much better year financially: I got my shit together and I only hope it stays that way.  It was a year of family: big changes, little changes.  It was a year that I was not at all lonely.  (Clarification: I wasn't lonely in my life like I was alone in Hartford.  Yes, I did talk about the not having a relationship kind of lonely.)

And what will 2013 bring?  Lots of good shit, I hope.  I do not feel inclined at all to make resolutions.  And let me tell you, I'm so sick of worrying about my weight.  I've got big t & a, and I'm going to deal with it.  You won't see me making any weight loss declarations.  I'm tired of the bullshit and I just want to live my life.

So, I think it's time to throw up this year's vision board.  Yes.  I love making these.

2013 is going to be all about personal identity and style, spirituality, expanding sense of self, experimenting with love and relationships, and planning for my financial future.

Here are the key words and phrases visualized on the board.  Some are literal, some are symbolic.

Savings for a Rainy Day
Reducing Debt
2013Mazda6 in Fireglow Red
Inappropriate Love and Passion (Outside the Comfort zone: why not?)
Taking a Chance (or two or three)
Manifesting Love (Reiki candle)
Etsy Shop estalishment
Miscellaneous M
Defining Style: Rocker Chic and Boho Western
Piercing my Nose?  Finally?
M Style Aesthetic  (red chevron & black/white damask and anything cameo/sillouette/vintage)
Art Museum Trips
Painting, Better Quality brushes


  1. I love your vision board! Love it! I have to learn how to do one of these on the computer to change it up. I usually just rip a bunch of pictures that speak to me from a magazine and then paste them together.

    I like the taking a chance (or two or three) and the Mazda 6. That was the car I intended on buying until fate stepped in. :) May 2013 bring all of that and more Marisa!

  2. Thanks! It's easy if you have microsoft powerpoint. I open powerpoint, and just create one slide. I save all the images from google on my desktop, and then insert each one into the powerpoint slide. then arrange them how I like. Then save it to a pdf. Then turn that pdf into a jpeg.

    I own a 2003 Mazda 6 currently and it has been great to me. I suspect I'll have to get a new car sometime this year and I'm trying to let go of my american muscle car dreams and just go practical. They are still very sporty and cute.

    1. Wow, that is not at all as complicated as I thought it was going to be to make a digital life map. Thank you! Out of curiosity, why do you suspect you'll have to let go of your dream of an American muscle car? Mazda 6's are sporty and cute for sure.

    2. Well, I really really wanted either a Dodge Charger or a Ford Mustang, and I've been holding off buying a car for several years because I had a conflict between what I wanted and what was practical. I live in New England, and a particularly snowy part of CT, and the other two cars are rear wheel drive. There is an AWD version of the Charger, but it's expensive.

      The Mazda would be a more "adult" choice, lol.

    3. I forget about how living in a area with snow filled winters can change your choice in cars. I don't miss that at all. Hmm, well, maybe you'll end up moving to a place where that no longer has to be taken into consideration. :)

  3. I LOVE this post and where you are right now. You've made huge strides this year and are going into 2013 with a sense of peace and focus. THAT I love. No goals, just focus and moving forward. The only way to do it up! (I hate resolutions too!)

    1. Thanks! You know I love this creative stuff too. I never used to hate resolutions, but now it feels like it's setting yourself up to fail, lol.