Monday, December 17, 2012

Starting a Business for those hopeless at "business?"

I would love to turn my crafting and decorating passion into some sort of a business.  Eventually.  Down the road.  Maybe?

I have no idea how to do that, really, but I'm smart and my sister is an accountant.  That's right.  Little Shani not only is graduating cum laude after all that hard work, but was offered a very lucrative, full time offer in the audit department of the local firm she interned with recently.  I am so ridiculously proud of her.  And jealous of her starting, entry level salary.  Grrrrr.  Shakespeare and Jane Austen, I shake my fists at you and the cosmos for making me poor and impractical!  ;)

But anyway, I just love the crafting thing.  I just have no idea how to narrow it down.  Christmas ornaments? Clay pieces?  Crochet: scarves, throw pillows, blankets?  what??????  I know I can do other things too: paper crafts, wreaths, different artwork pieces, modge podge of frames or other small decor items, and who knows what else.  I wouldn't mind finding flea market and vintage finds to repurpose or repaint either.  I have no clue.

But it's on my mind.

Oh, and I need a snappy, clever, business name.  Yeah.  That's the ticket.  ;)  Suggestions?

UPDATE:  What do we think of "Miscellaneous M"   ???????  Since it sticks to my actual initials of MM.  :)


  1. Love this idea!! Start with etsy!! you should TOTALLY do this and I'll be your biggest customer :) I like the name! or how about Miscellaneous by M? Or something like that?

  2. Good for you! What a fun name. Both of them. Good luck!