Friday, December 13, 2013

Traditional Trees in my Family's Home

For today's post, I wanted to show you all the trees that were put up in my family home this year.  A big portion of my immediate family lives in my hometown, in a beautiful Craftsman/Victorian hybrid five bedroom home built in I believe 1904.  It happens to be the parsonage for the family church and we are caretakers as you might say, for the property.  Because of it's size, and because there are essentially two branches of one family living in it, my sister Jen and my mother had separate trees.  Jen's family tree is in the dining room, and is very traditional which I love.  A live tree decorated in a variety of ornaments (some sentimental, some new) with multi-colored lights, hearkens back to my childhood.  Also, when I started my new chapter four years ago, I gave Jennifer some of my favorite pieces: that star on the tree was mine in a previous life, as well as the stained glass ornament depicted below.  To me, the giving and re-purposing of those pieces was representative of what this holiday is about.  Pass along the things you love to someone else you love.  That is how an ornament develops a story, becomes a piece of history.   My nephew (who is just over two) was integral to the decorating process of both trees this year!  (Wink, wink.)  Honestly, what's Christmas without the kids?  We do skip the tinsel.  Some traditions from childhood just had to go: but I do "miss" finding tinsel in corners and under couches eight months after the holiday has finished. ;)

Jennifer obtained this glass "gift" in a secret santa at her old job
our cutie getting ready to wish his Dad a happy birthday last night, in front of his family's tree

My mother waited for all of us to grow up before she was finally able to do her blue, white and silver theme tree.  You know how it is!  Growing up we had the very traditional tree, that came complete with every little craft ornament we had ever made her.  I think I was about 24 or 25 before she started gathering the decorations she has now and I'm so glad she did.  Every year, the result is beautiful.  This year and this past year, the tree was placed in our sunroom just off the living room, which of course allows full view of that beautiful blue glow from the street through all those windows.  And the final touch this year?  She had never found a tree skirt that she had loved.  But this year I convinced her to buy the absolute perfect find at none other than...Walmart for $19.99.   It is royal blue velvet with a silver snowflake pattern trim. 

His outfit here is hysterical: I wonder if he picked it out himself!

this is a new ornament I found this year at a NH craft fair

I made this one for her by swirling acrylic paint inside a glass bulb

My mom and I both love teapots (and tea of course)
"put a bird on it"  ;)

another one from me in 2011: I give her at least one new ornament every year

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  1. LOVE all of the blue :-) AND that tree skirt is amazing! and makes me remember I still forgot to buy one! Gah, maybe before the snow starts tomorrow :)