Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Celebrating the 4th!

Traditionally, I have not decorated much for this holiday.  Mostly because it seems to come and go quite quickly, during a busy time of year.

But, since I am already doing a red, white and turquoise/teal blue theme in the living room, it was easy to put something together for this year.

So, I took a bit of poetic license with the Navy color.  Jennifer teased me, because I said that it was "French Country" 4th of July, but oh well. 

I found these three Mason jars at Joann's Fabrics, and they will match my décor all year round and fill the odd empty spot in front of our TV. 

As for the paper bunting, I have a ton of scrapbook paper just dying to get used, so I made triangles, and sewed a cotton red yarn through the top of each triangle through two holes I poked in them with a darning needle.  The thread was that "Sugar and Cream" cotton type, so it is more sturdy than acrylic yarn.   The mantle was finished off by an American flag tucked into the rooster aqua pitcher I have, and Joel's patriotic photo of his parents and father in uniform fits right in.)

And lastly, I wanted to highlight the wreath I have had up for some time.  It is just a grapevine wreath, with a center of origami scrapbook paper flowers I made (held together in the middle by glue, string and a button center.) 

Happy Independence Day!

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