Monday, June 8, 2015

The Country Living Fair!!!!


even the tables in the food court were decorated country style, and I loved that bunting!

We attended on the last day, but I didn't think it seemed picked over or almost sold out whatsoever, so each vendor must have really brought a significant amount of merchandise to flesh out their booth.  I loved it: I absolutely loved it.  And once again, thanks to my brother in law Dave for taking some of the better pictures below.

I think I am officially obsessed with Rhinebeck, NY.  I am ready to move there yesterday.  It was so my town: country but fresh, hip and artsy!!!!  With beautiful historic architecture thrown in beside a thriving, independently owned shop scene.  Go there.  Just do it.  I am not lying when I said I wish I could live there, and it's really not far from my hometown at all.

Anyway, back to the fair.  It was, first of all, the most impressive fairgrounds I have ever see (The Dutchess County Fairgrounds).  They have wonderful facilities and it was a great place to host this event.

I wish I had been able to bring more money.  I knew I would feel that way in advance.  It was especially difficult to walk by all the beautiful chalky painted furniture which I covet. 

Here are some pictures I took of the day and booths that caught my eye!  A big favorite was 2 Chix and a Barn (link to their website here 2 Chix and a Barn ) which happens to be a business owned by women I watched on Flea Market Flip, one of my fave shows.  This aqua dresser of theirs was my favorite piece of the entire thing:

their Airstream named "Pearl"

Here is more I just adored and/or caught my eye. 

I wish I could have taken a better picture without glare so you could see what a pretty aqua this clock really was.  I've had my eye out for clocks lately.

my brother in law is photo bombing this one on the right side, ha!

Ironstone in a hutch!  it doesn't get much better than that

more of my fave ironstone!

this booth made purses with vintage book covers: I mean hello.

If this Pride and Prejudice book had been in my budget, this purse would now be in my home.
website link here Beez by Scranton
another clock I adored, And the quatrefoil teal frame

how appropriate is this sign to my life and the lives of so many others! lol  Shannon modeled it gracefully

Jennifer looking beautiful pregnant in front of the awesome glass plant holder thingies

 Another business I love is Beekman 1802.  It is a company owned by a couple that moved to a small town in upstate New York called Sharon Springs, bought a Georgian mansion, fixed it up, and then helped the agricultural, economically depressed town get back on its feet while helping themselves make the farm profitable when they were unemployed.  Later as a couple, they won "Amazing Race!"

Read their story here...  Beekman 1802


I also loved Cari Cucksey (of HGTV's Cash and Cari)'s new line of brightly colored paints too.  I didn't get a picture of the paint, but we did take a picture of Cari doing a paint demonstration on reclaimed wood and her booth. 

Here is a link to the website of her new paint line.  I also love her logo:

So, now you want to know what I bought, right?  Not much.  I had a budget for this particular event because this was at the worst possible time between pay-days.  But I bought the soap above from Beekman 1802 that smelled amazing, AND I found two relatively inexpensive ironstone pieces that are unique and different than what I had already.  Plus Joel bought Jennifer this beautiful votive holder chandelier thing.

And last but not least, they had something for the kiddos.  The Rhinebeck 4H club had animals there, and Micah loved it.

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